Do Something For Someone Else

Are you sad or bored or restless? Do you watch too much TV? Are you isolated? Do you have problems? Well there is a cure for all of that! Do something for someone else!It takes your focus off of yourself and your own problems and helps you see that there are others who are much worse off. It also helps you make lifelong friends.We, as humans, are here on this earth together, to help each other. No one should have to manage alone. Yet how many people are alone and forgotten? How many are overwhelmed with their responsibilities?That was me….a single mother with four small children with no income and very low self-esteem. My own mother and my friends were my saving grace. I can’t even begin to tell you how they brought hope and joy to my life and helped me through that extraordinarily trying time. Each and every person who helped, no matter how seemingly small their contribution, is in part responsible for my incredible success today. They all helped bring me from a place of darkness into the light.Since I’ve recovered, it has been my turn to pass it on. And each and every person I help in the future or have helped in the past will pass it on to the next person who will pass it on to the next. It’s a beautiful cycle!Nothing makes you feel better about yourself than to make a difference in the life of another human. Opportunities abound, just look around. Take out the garbage cans for an elderly neighbor. Listen to a friend without interrupting. Volunteer at the soup kitchen, church, food pantry or YMCA. Watch children for a single mom so she can have a momentary break. Step in and give respite care for someone who is overwhelmed with the care of a sick relative. Give encouragement, it’s free and easy. How about a smile to brighten someone’s day?What goes around comes around so eventually your kindness will come back to you, multiplied many times over. But even if that weren’t true, the joy received from giving with a pure heart is priceless!