Don't Follow The Crowd

Have you ever wondered why we, as humans, tend to follow the crowd?  My theory is that our education system teaches us to be followers.  It’s not designed to inspire free thinking or looking “outside the box” for solutions.Generally, at school, there is only one acceptable or “right” answer. This causes us to look for the answer the teacher (or parent, friend, colleague, boss) wants and disregard any other way around the problem.  It teaches us to follow instead of lead, and that’s what most of us end up doing for the rest of our lives.We finish school and go out to get a “good job”, where our boss is our leader and gives us instructions on company policy for doing every task.And this follower mentality permeates into every other area of our lives…where we live, what toys we have, what car we drive, what clothes we wear, what TV shows we watch, how we spend our leisure time, etc.We tend to look at what others are doing and copy them. This, in time, creates a life of quiet desperation instead of empowered achievement.  We’re running to “keep up with the Jones’”, which leaves us in debt to own things we really didn’t want in the first place.I challenge you to look for areas in your life where you can buck the trend and use your thinking skills, areas where you can sit quietly and determine what you really want, without thought of what someone else would think.

UncategorizedNancy Benet