One Step at a Time

It occurred to me this afternoon that we tend to be afraid to go for what we want because we can’t see all of the steps it takes to get there.  This confuses our brains so much that in many cases, it renders us helpless.We become unable to move because without knowledge of what lies ahead, success cannot be guaranteed, so we then do nothing.  Sometimes for years on end we do nothing.  Then we wonder why Joe next door was so lucky to be successful and we aren’t.Hmmm, is Joe really lucky or did he create his own luck by moving in the direction of his goal? Joe probably wasn’t able to see the path any better than we were.  He was just brave enough to take that first step.And the only difference between those who get things done and those who don’t can be as small as just having the willingness to take the step.  If the first step goes well, take the second.  If the resources you need for the second are there and it makes sense to take the third, do it.  And so it goes.  We move toward success one step at a time.There are no guarantees.  There is no instant gratification here, it takes time and focused effort.  It takes being able to listen to that still, small voice inside of you that says this path is good for you or not.  It takes being able to recognize the resources that are put in front of you.  It takes being able to make lemonade out of the lemons that sometimes appear before us.When difficulties arise, we need to ask the question “What can I do differently to help this work?” In many cases, those “lemons” are really “dollars” or “hours” in disguise.  I’ve actually experienced this on several different occasions.Something would happen that make it look like I was failing, so it forced me to look for ways to do things more effectively. The new way saved me time and/or money.So, walk your path, be willing to listen and look for lemons.

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