Rising from the Ashes

Recently, I’ve had several clients who had built big businesses during the boom, but now are suffering from the bust.Everything in their lives is falling apart.  They may be in bankruptcy, losing their house to foreclosure or short sale, in trouble with the IRS, divorced from the stress of it all and not having enough current income to meet basic living expenses.They tend to be depressed and beating themselves up for failing.  Some are at the end of their rope, contemplating suicide over their failure.  This made me think….I look at these amazing people who have come to me for help and don’t see a failure, but instead, a success.  Just the fact that they have bucked the norm of “get a good education so you can have a good, safe job”, gives me great respect for them.There is no such thing as a “good, safe job”.  They get it! Then looking at the businesses they had built from nothing shows me what incredible skill they possess.  They are:

  • Tenacious

  • Bold

  • Fearless

  • Hard-working

  • Willing to risk what they have for what they want

  • Outside the box thinkers

  • Exceptional problem solvers

Yes, they made mistakes.  No, they aren’t perfect.  But these things don’t matter.  What matters is their willingness to step out of their comfort zone and do something.  No one is perfect.  No one is exempt from mistakes.  And no one succeeds without failure.My role then becomes helping them to pick themselves up, dust themselves off, evaluate what they’ve learned from the experience, clean up the mess, and move forward.  Together we look at the qualities they possess (see the list above).  These are qualities that helped them build nice, profitable businesses to begin with.  Then we look at the things learned from failure.  Wow, what a combination!They now have made it through one of the most intense, educational MBA training programs available.  Now it’s time to go back out and build another fabulous business.  One that’s much more failure resistant. 

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