Unleashing Your Creativity

Creativity is something we perceive ourselves to either have or not. There seems to be no middle ground, we’re either right or left brain dominant. This diagnosis is many times allowed to define our abilities. You’re either a creative type or you aren’t, right? Wrong!Every one of us has creativity lurking. It just gets covered up. The stifling can be caused by criticism, long to-do lists and just not taking the time to explore it, as well as more sinister culprits like childhood abuse. And when we think we aren’t creative, we don’t even try to nurture this part of ourselves. We push it away in favor of more measureable pursuits.So, the question becomes “How can I be more creative?” . The answer lies in being quiet. This is one of the most overlooked solutions to a myriad of problems….just be quiet. Relax. The answers lie within you.Be still and listen to that small voice. Observe the world around you. Keep a journal. Write down the thoughts that come into your head. Maybe make a list of more creative things you always wanted to do but never did, either because you felt embarrassed and that you would be ridiculed or just because you didn’t have the time. Here are some examples:* Dancing* Singing* Writing* Photography* Cooking* Playing an instrument* Teaching* Decorating/designing* Public speaking* Painting/art* Acting* BusinessThese represent my own list. As an accountant, I always felt uncreative. Only in recent years have I realized that the creativity was there all along.The first glimpse I got was in the business arena. There are many ways to structure a business deal if you just think outside the box a little. Only I didn’t realize at the time how creative it really was.Now? Well, it’s a totally different story. Most of my life is lived in the creative arena. Just this week I’ve enjoyed six of the other items on that list.It’s simple, really. Go unleash your creativity!